Facebook buys PrivateCore to protect their servers cyberattacks

Facebook has bought PrivateCore, a startup that specializes encryption to protect servers. Thus, the company will improve the security of its platform against malware, unauthorized physical access and malicious hardware devices. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but we assume that it has not been one of the companies that have cost Zuckerberg.

PrivateCore has a technology called getting vCage protect various platforms from malicious attacks that want to interfere with the security of the same. In addition, it will prevent access to the data of millions of users who already have the social network.

privatecore facebook

Thanks to Facebook, PrivateCore be able to develop their software to improve the security of the network. In addition, the company has confirmed that Marc Zuckerberg plans to incorporate this technology in the future of their own company to enhance your online protection. Furthermore, the startup will be able to optimize your system thanks to the resources they already have Facebook. Continue reading

5 tricks to make life easier when using the Mail application on an iPhone or iPad

The operating system iOS, installed in series on the iPhone and iPad from U.S. manufacturer Apple range devices, include a native email application that allows you to read incoming emails from any server (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). This application, named after “Mail”, hides certain tricks that significantly facilitate their use throughout the day. These little tricks are very simple to implement and prove to be very much help when managing hundreds of emails throughout the day.

This time we’re going to list five tips to help you use the application “Mail” on an iPhone or iPad. To perform these tricks does not need to install any application, but we just have to hand our iPhone or iPad to implement the ideas that are detailed below.

mail application on iphone

Trick number 1 delete emails with a single motion.

When slid to the left an email inbox application “Mail” appear to us two options: “More” and “Save”. But and the option to delete mail where is it? To have this option accessible in a single motion, all without even opening the email you want to delete, the application must go to Settings, click on the section “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”, select the mail account for which we want to enable this trick, click on the first option “Account”, click on the option “Advanced” and in the section “Transfer discarded messages” must select the option to “Mailbox Trash”. Continue reading

Viber introduces voice messages in Windows Phone

The implementation of calls through the Internet more known in the world of smartphones is still looking for its niche within the current scene. Despite the usual delay for the Windows Phone platform, Viber still has its users in mind to bring improvements and new features. Thus, through a new update, the holders of a device Windows Phone 8 will have a new way to get his voice to contacts using this application.

Viber update increases the version number to the on the Windows Phone platform. Among its innovations stands out, above the rest, the new function of voice. New to this platform after eight months working on Android and iPhone. Its voice keeps direct messages and talk. Something that transforms this application and the terminal in a sort of Walkie-Talkie to share directly, but not in real time the voice.

viber voice messages in windows phone

In this way, and in a manner similar to that seen in push to talk WhatsApp messages, Viber Windows phone users now can send small recordings as if a message over it were through a chat. Something which is not so much consumption data as a call via the Internet and allows you to send voice directly in a comfortable and fast. And it is that voice seems to be gaining an important value in messaging tools. But it is not the only novelty of this new version. Continue reading

devolo Home Control, create your own smart home with simplicity

The German manufacturer devolo will launch in September a new smart home concept. devolo Home Control is a system that controls a set of components that are installed with ease at home and who help us in various aspects of our daily lives. For example, we will make ourselves with a regulator to control the heating in one or several of the rooms, detectors of smoke or even timers to switch on the machine of Brown ten minutes before getting up. This system can manage up to 200 devices at home and will have a mobile application to facilitate their access at any time. In addition to this system for the intelligent home, devolo will also launch a new range of adapters to transmit the network signal through the electrical network with very high speeds of up to 1200 Mbps.

devolo home control

devolo Home Control is a system to create the house of the future. The user appears for your home a series of intelligent devices that can then be controlled centrally managed thanks to devolo platform. Indeed, company will also deploy an app for mobile and tablet to make this start-up and control more intuitive and simple. The possibilities that open this platform are very numerous, since you can install up to 200 different devices in the home and take advantage of its advanced features. Continue reading

Google Now Launcher now available for all Android devices

The Google Now Launcher is now available for all mobile devices that have the Google Android operating system version 4.1 Jelly Bean and later, i.e. including Android KitKat. This tool is very useful since it allows users to set alerts with the upcoming appointments that are scheduled, as well as quickly display information about weather or in a specific city and real-time traffic conditions, as well as time out of any public transport. An application that you can configure to customize it to your own liking and that also allows searches by voice.

From now on, accessing the application from Google, Google Play Store, store you can download Google Now Launcher regardless of our version of the Android operating system which provides our device, either a Smartphone or a tablet.

google now launcher

Google Now Launcher arrived as a standalone application at the beginning of February this year. In its initial version, Google Now Launcher application was available for Nexus devices, as well as the range of devices Google Play Edition. Now is when we will be able to serve us all its benefits in any device that has an Android operating system. Continue reading

How to install the new Facebook Messenger on your Android phone or iPhone

If you have an iPhone or an Android mobile phone in your pocket and frequently use Facebook you may have noticed that for a couple of days already you can’t read the messages that they send you your contacts. Not if you have not previously installed the new Facebook Messenger application recommends as the service itself. Over the past week we told you that from now on, Facebook oblige all iOS and Android users to use their Facebook Messenger app to communicate with your contacts. It is, as you can see, a lot like WhatsApp messaging system that actually has a clear advantage over the previous system. And it allows users to exchange communications with superior agility who managed to access the integrated messaging feature in general application of Facebook. In addition, the service offers the ability to manage conversations from their own desktop phones with much more clear and simple notifications. But you already know how to install the Facebook Messenger app to your phone?

how to install the new facebook messenger

1) First we remind you that if you have a phone with Windows Phone or any other operating system other than iOS or Android do not have to worry, because this innovation only affects the two platforms mentioned. In both cases, the installation is simple. The most logical thing is to start, sign in to the Facebook application. Continue reading

6 tricks to improve the WiFi at home

Enjoy a powerful connection not only depends on having a good power. Sometimes, put into practice a series of small tips can be a major jump in Internet performance. And more today, that every time there are a greater number of devices operating at the same bandwidth and often become a difficulty added to get a good connection. TP-LINK has met six useful tips for deploying WiFi network at home and gets a better signal. Do you want to know them?

1. Avoids obstacles

Many times we do not realize how much they can affect natural obstacles such as walls or doors to signal quality. Normally, the router ends in one of the rooms of the house, but if what we want is a good performance it is advisable to find a placement that is strategic in the hallway near the doors, so there is no wall that prevents the signal reaches with force.

tp link tl wa860re

2. Beware of the alignment of the antenna

There are many routers that use external antennas to transmit better signal. The tip here is that each antenna has a different orientation so that the signal is distributed more evenly along the whole way home. Continue reading

Facebook removes messaging service from main app

Facebook, the social network with more users worldwide, has announced the complete separation of its messaging service for smartphones Facebook Messenger, and its main application for mobile. Thus, those who want to keep chat conversations or make video calls from the phone via Facebook, just use the Messenger application may not the main application, as they could do until now.

Facebook announced this news to its users through notifications on their profiles. And, those who have not downloaded the Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone, or may not receive or send messages through the Facebook chat service.

Facebook Messenger

From the direction, the American company claims that have decided to take this step for two reasons: First and most importantly, want to turn Facebook Messenger in the best mobile IM application. The second reason we have decided to eliminate its messaging service for its main application is to avoid confusion between two very different types of IM services accessible from your smartphone. Continue reading

Instagram is updated to fix its security problems

Just a couple of days the news was known about vulnerability in Instagram applications. One problem put in check the accounts of users of this social network of photography to not protect data sent between applications for smartphones and application servers. Something from Instagram has endeavored to resolve paths through updates to both the platform Android to iOS. Updates now available and are recommended to install soon.

Thus, Instagram has released first update for iPhone and iPad that raises the version number of 6.0.5. An update will present only the solution of bugs or malfunctions, and the general improvement of the application. Something that avoids directly naming problems and violations discovered recently. Exactly the same is the case with version 6.3.1 on the platform Android, without providing new functions, new filters and visual improvements. Indicate that this latest update has focused mainly on the issue of solving security problems, even though Instagram has not officially confirmed.


And the July 26 security expert Mazin Ahmed posted on his blog a surprising vulnerability that directly affect user applications Instagram. In his research he discovered that there was a transmission of user data between applications and servers in this network without being encrypted or protected by a code. Given this issue, could experiment with these data, removing them and making hijack a user account to use in your favor, holding impersonation that can occur with the knowledge and tools needed. Continue reading

Smartphones continue to grow at the expense of current mobile

The demand for smartphones continues to increase worldwide. This third quarter is expected to place more than 300 million smartphones. An important milestone was achieved during almost the second quarter, with sales of 295.3 million units, according to IDC, representing an increase of 23.1 percent over the same period last year.

And that the second quarter is not usually one of the best of the year; anyway, quarterly growth was 2.6 percent. IDC analysts predict the imminent death of mobile phones with advanced features but are not intelligent. The purpose of these phones is next, because Chinese manufacturers are paving the way for consumers in emerging countries to be passed smartphones.


For now, the Chinese brands are enjoying a precarious competitive advantage; Smart phones offer better prices to multinational brands. However, they face the highest quality building models from manufacturers worldwide; also enjoy cost savings from greater economies of scale than local brands. The second quarter of 2014 has been difficult for Samsung, even despite having the widest catalog of all the smartphones market. Continue reading