Goodreads, a complete book recommender for mobile

When you do not know what to read what is handiest ask relatives about your likes and friends and the last good title to have at hand. Just “liked” but does not replace a more detailed review or assessment. That is why there are tools like Goodreads. An application capable of collecting reviews from other users to evaluate the potential of a book and always find something to read.

It is something of a social network-recommender for book lovers. A useful application to find and create lists of books to read. All with detailed information to give a good or at least entertaining work. It also functions as a tool for keeping record of all reading that has carried out the user, and can dump their impressions and assessments for the benefit of the rest of the community.


Simply start the application to access the huge database Goodreads. And it has registered 12 million books, can look as title, ISBN or author via the main screen. By performing a simple search you can access the description page of these books where knowing the full title, the cover, the author, the ISBN code and a description. However, the added value of this application is the section of reviews, where each user expresses his point of view and commentary about the book. Furthermore, once the user has added own books and reviews, you may stop by the section recommendations for related books. Continue reading

Google introduces a new platform to enhance your online translator

Google has introduced Translate Community, a platform that will focus on improving the translation of 80 languages supported by the software company’s Mountain View. Furthermore, with the aim that the transcripts are perfected, the search giant expects users to help develop support for more languages are included.

The company has stated that it will implement a number of functions for the Translate Community members can contribute their skills and correct various errors. “We intend to incorporate the corrections we suggest users and thus learn each language a little better,” said Sveta Kelman, program manager, in a post on the official company blog.

Google translator

This initiative adds to the recent addition that allows consumers to submit their own translation corrections or suggestions, how? When you make a translation with this service just give the pencil in the bottom of the page and click on “Improving translation”. Then you must change some of the text you think wrong, and finally click on “Send” to send Google your suggestion optimization transcription. Continue reading

Making movies with photos and videos on your Nokia Lumia

No time for photography and digital video. A genre that smartphones are universalizing and boosting with powerful photographic, besides the large number of targets applications and editing tools for manipulating snapshots at will. Something that Nokia knows. Maybe because it’s one of the manufacturers that has put more pampering when creating terminals with large cameras or because also interested in giving the user a lot of possibilities to create applications such as Nokia Storyteller. A tool that prevents photos and videos of the user remain in memory as a mere testimonial terminal object.

Thus, this tool is known to sort the gallery terminal according to different criteria. In this way, the user can consult it to relive past moments captured in photos, videos or even parts of the Cinemagraph application according to the place where they were taken, to show only those relating to a trip, for example. But it is also possible to rearrange them as an event or on a chronological. Although there are other more attractive options as create small movies with all this content.

nokia video storyteller

Simply open the application and move around the collection of photos and videos you want, either according to the place or the time in which they were taken and recorded. By selecting several of these elements the application Nokia Storyteller is responsible to do all the dirty work. And it is almost automatic to create movies showy, with background music and a dynamic, engaging style. By selecting the items you want to include the ability to play the video to see a preview of the final result appears. Continue reading

Microsoft plans to unify all versions of Windows

We’ve been hearing various rumors a few months ago about the new version Windows 9, code-named Threshold. According claimed these early leaks, Windows Phone and RT would merge. But Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said that their plans are more ambitious than we had thought. So, has confirmed that the company’s Redmond unify all platforms in a single operating system.

These statements have taken place during the press conference that was convened following the results of the last quarter. It was then that Nadella revealed the company’s plans, saying: “We will simplify the next version of Windows unifying all the versions on a single platform. So, let’s bring all our shops and operating systems to promote a more consistent user experience and give developers a range of possibilities.”


Nadella not give many details about it, but said his team of engineers has already been unified within Microsoft, so it is now a group of people working on a same version of Windows. In this way, it will serve for both phones and tablets to computers and even Xbox. Continue reading

Twitter will show the history of direct messages on your mobile application

Twitter, the most important Internet microblogging social network, has announced that in the coming weeks its users can see some improvements in your inbox “direct messages”, that is, the private messages that users of Twitter can exchange through that network.

Indeed, through Twitter Support user account, the American company announced that users of Twitter mobile application will, in the coming weeks, read the full history of direct messages on their mobile devices. In another tweet that made few hours later, the microblogging social network also announced to users of its mobile application that they are preparing a new synchronization system thanks to which you can remove direct messages from any device, whether mobile, tablet or computer, pocketing the changes for the next time you log, regardless of the device used.


These changes represent a significant improvement in the user experience of Twitter, and that is, before, from the application to mobile Twitter, was accessible only recent direct messages that had been exchanged with other users a few days ago. Now with this change announced by the American company, the users of its social network may, from mobile, access, search and view any direct messages that have been received at any time, even been a year of receipt. Continue reading

Tapet, create custom wallpapers for your Android

Find the ideal image for wallpaper of smartphone or tablet is not always easy. You need to look, and in many cases, have been cut and the fund to fit in with the specifications and panel dimensions of each device. Something that many emerging applications to find images or even create funds; but none of them is as Tapet a curious tool for creating unique backgrounds based screen color and geometric shapes.

It is an amazing tool to the rest of its genre for its operation. It is the most customizable in the proper sense of the word, as there is little opportunity to set the funds according to user preferences. However, offers some amazing features like automatically change the background without expenditure data from the Internet or to bulk terminal resource consumption.


Just install it and open it to run into the one screen. Therein Tapet already shows a composition as wallpaper. The curious thing about this tool is that it uses preconceived images, but fails their mathematical algorithms to create them new instantly. Something that gives each user unique wallpaper adapted to the size and quality of your terminal panel. However, you are missing the opportunity to have more power on the colors and shapes that are used for the production of content. Continue reading

Samsung GALAXY Apps, the new Samsung App Store

The South Korean firm Samsung has unveiled its new Samsung GALAXY Apps Store will offer, from now on, all apps designed especially for those who have a smart phone Samsung Galaxy. The new Samsung GALAXY Apps’s main added value compared to its predecessor Samsung Apps, the supply of hundreds of applications that can be purchased so both free and paid and which will allow for greater customization of devices Samsung Galaxy.

All applications featuring the new Samsung GALAXY Apps are designed not only to improve the performance of our Samsung Galaxy, but also to extract the most out. And, thanks to this new store Samsung, can access completely unique applications and also can be customized to your liking. To improve the search, the new Samsung GALAXY Apps has a user-friendly interface and very intuitive and categories to facilitate the search for applications to split them into three sections. The first is “recommended” and is where we find the most useful applications when it comes to improving the performance of our mobile phone and all that best suit our device Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung GALAXY Apps

The second category is called “Top” and here we can find the best apps rated by the users. Also have the option to sort by different criteria such as popularity, release date and price, starting with free. In addition, we may also access the opinions of those who have already tested to be sure that we are convinced before installing them on your device. Continue reading

How to create your own Google Maps

The mapping service of Google is not only a great utility to check an address, find how to get to a point or find establishments and premises near the location of the user interest. Their maps are also used by other applications and services to represent the place of other issues that Google does not have access; something that the user can also leverage on your behalf through the application Google Maps Engine for Android devices.

It is a tool that uses the features of Google Maps to map custom through a web page dedicated to it. In this way, each user can create a specific map showing a route designed by him, according to directions and map features of Google but in a much more personal sense. Something lovers of cartography can take full advantage using different layers and creating a map according to their needs.

Google Maps

These maps will not only be enjoyed on the web. So Google launched App Engine Google Maps, it can load any custom maps for review and use as if that application Google Maps in question. However, a new update of this tool provides the ability to finally create and edit new ones. That increases the chances of this service regardless of where or when; all from a smartphone or tablet with Android OS. Continue reading

Google Maps now controlled with voice and data offering for cyclists

Although with some delay, as every week Google has released updates to some of its services and applications. This time it was the turn of his star map tool, the well-known Google Maps. A new version of your application platform for Android with some interesting new features that continue to promote this as the most useful tool beyond its features to search for an address or be guided towards it turn by turn.

This Google Maps for Android reaches version 8.2 with a couple of interesting developments. Issues that is useful for the busiest users, those who can not even use a finger to make an inquiry, or for lovers of bike routes. It is thanks to its short list of new features get to meet many of the desires and needs of its users. We discussed in detail below.

Google Maps

In first place, after updating Google Maps, users will realize a new icon in the search bar that appears on the main screen of the application. She is a microphone to the right of this bar which appeared before the sites saved by the user. It is a small visual change that leads this section the dropdown menu on the left side of the screen. With this the user can ask from the main screen an address or any questions loudly. Continue reading

Google Analytics, the audience knows now your web site from your iPhone

It seems that the company Google wants to win back users from the competition. And is that recently saw the launch of several applications and services for this great company in mobile platforms Apple. This time, after YouTube Creator Studio and play Ingress, it is the turn to a much more useful tool: Google Analytics. Of course, it is useful for those users who want to know the audience and performance data to its publications and web pages on the internet from anywhere and anytime.

This is a service that Google offers managers websites, bloggers, content creators YouTube and other issues that are published online. Thus, Google uses its technology and tools for the Internet traffic, views, views and user behavior on the website, and user content, giving you all this information in an orderly and clear for knowledge. Something that can now also be found easily through the official app Google Analytics recently published.

Google Analytics

Simply download the app and sign in with the account user of Google associated website, blog or applications for which you want to receive data. After this the service from this company is responsible for collecting and display all the information. Something that is done through graphs and data clear and well organized. The good news is that with this application, the user can also filter all this vast information according to several criteria. Just move around the sections and select locations, sources, content, events… Continue reading