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Google Drive cloud productivity

Once upon a time, the floppy disk then came the era of CDs and DVDs, along with external hard drives more and more capacious. The arrangements for storage of files and documents have clocked almost parallel to the development of technologies related to the field computer. For some years, however, also because of an increasingly widespread diffusion of broadband Internet connections, the gap between the online world offline activities has become increasingly blurred, sometimes imperceptible. Here then explained why a growing number of users and professionals decide to rely on the services cloud storage. Google Drive is one of these platforms.

Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

The scheme Google Drive has been made ​​official by the search engine April 24, 2012, after a long series of rumors and rumors circulating on the Net. For those who are unfamiliar with terms like Web storage and cloud computing can imagine the service as a kind of hard disk managed by big, accessible through an Internet connection, within which to place your files so you can open them later on other computers or mobile devices. Obviously, access is via a Google account from the Web at or through applications available for smartphones and tablets. Saved files can be downloaded at any time or shared with other people through integrated sharing options. There are also tools for editing documents and for real-time collaboration. Continue reading


PayPal the wallet is digital

With nearly 160 million active users in 203 countries, PayPal manages each quarter the transfer of additional than $ 200 billion in 26 currencies (data for Q3 2014). Although it must respect the rules and regulations governing the financial industry, PayPal is not a bank in the strict sense (does not have a fractional reserve) the company’s San Jose offers in fact a money transfer service in digital form, allowing users to make and receive payments, purchase and sell products, send and request funds. For this work of mere brokerage, PayPal asks the seller to pay the variable fees based on the quantity exchanged. Access to the service and the management of the account can be made ​​from the website or via app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10.


How does PayPal?

PayPal allows you to make online financial transactions through the transfer of electronic money between individuals and companies. The first step in using the service is opens a free account (Personal, Premier, or Business). The first is shown if the user wants to use PayPal to shop online, the second allows you to sell as private, while the third is aimed at companies that take delivery of payments and want to leverage the tools of e-commerce. After creating the account and added some personal information (name, address, phone number, etc. You must confirm the email address, which is the “number” of the account. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

With the Galaxy Note 4 , Samsung disclaims its new plan philosophy began with the Galaxy Alpha sees more squared lines and the use of aluminum for the frame, which is to take the place of the less noble plastic, however, used for the cover back with the usual result leatherette. Generous, of course, are the dimensions of this phablet: 153,5mm tall by 78.6 wide by 8.5 mm thick.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It weighs about 176 grams. Laterally there are the power key / block and those for adjusting the volume. On the bottom is the slot for the S-Pen in addition to the two microphones and the USB port. On the top, there is the audio jack of 3.5 mm, a third microphone and the infrared transmitter. The sales package is a data cable, a charger with a USB port and a headset of good quality, as well as some replacement tips for the S-Pen. Continue reading

smartphones and cars

NVIDIA Tegra X1 for smartphones and cars

Nvidia announced at CES 2015 in Las Vegas the successor of Tegra K1. The “superchip” Tegra X 1 has a computing power greater than one Teraflops, able to deliver high performance in graphics, deep learning and computer vision. The SoC will be used not only on mobile devices, but also in the automotive sector within the systems Drive PX Nvidia and Nvidia Drive CX.

smartphones and cars

In a piece of Silicon slightly larger than an inch are a Maxwell with 256 GPU core the same architecture of Ge force GTX 980 and an eight-core CPU (ARM Cortex core A57 4 + 4 core ARM Cortex A53). By comparison, the Tegra X 1 has a double than the current power Tegra K1 (the chip of Nexus 9) that integrates a GPU Kepler with 192 cores. The use of the production procedure to 20 nanometres has enabled the company to reduce consumption by just 10 Watts. With the same performance, the Tegra X 1 offers an efficiency 1.7 times that of Apple chips A8X built intoi Pad Air 2. Continue reading


Sony VAIO challenge with an Android smartphone

Sony Vaio will come up to soon in the Android smartphone to compete with its own parent company Sony, which has sold the separation of laptops about a year ago. Former known brand of Japanese giant is in fact at present working with Japan Communications to offer its first smart phone which will hit stores in that territory to beginning of 2015.


It is learned from Nikkei, which explains how the primary smartphone does not have an official name or a final price, but will be sold through the sites of e-commerce, developers of information systems, electronics retailers and other channels of sale of Japan transportation. There is no mention of who will manufacture the device, but Vaio would be working with various electronics companies. The cost to the public will be lower than the Xperia Sony and other big brand rivals, but will not be a low-cost device. Continue reading

Facebook buys PrivateCore to protect their servers cyberattacks

Facebook has bought PrivateCore, a startup that specializes encryption to protect servers. Thus, the company will improve the security of its platform against malware, unauthorized physical access and malicious hardware devices. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but we assume that it has not been one of the companies that have cost Zuckerberg.

PrivateCore has a technology called getting vCage protect various platforms from malicious attacks that want to interfere with the security of the same. In addition, it will prevent access to the data of millions of users who already have the social network.

privatecore facebook

Thanks to Facebook, PrivateCore be able to develop their software to improve the security of the network. In addition, the company has confirmed that Marc Zuckerberg plans to incorporate this technology in the future of their own company to enhance your online protection. Furthermore, the startup will be able to optimize your system thanks to the resources they already have Facebook. Continue reading

5 tricks to make life easier when using the Mail application on an iPhone or iPad

The operating system iOS, installed in series on the iPhone and iPad from U.S. manufacturer Apple range devices, include a native email application that allows you to read incoming emails from any server (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). This application, named after “Mail”, hides certain tricks that significantly facilitate their use throughout the day. These little tricks are very simple to implement and prove to be very much help when managing hundreds of emails throughout the day.

This time we’re going to list five tips to help you use the application “Mail” on an iPhone or iPad. To perform these tricks does not need to install any application, but we just have to hand our iPhone or iPad to implement the ideas that are detailed below.

mail application on iphone

Trick number 1 delete emails with a single motion.

When slid to the left an email inbox application “Mail” appear to us two options: “More” and “Save”. But and the option to delete mail where is it? To have this option accessible in a single motion, all without even opening the email you want to delete, the application must go to Settings, click on the section “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”, select the mail account for which we want to enable this trick, click on the first option “Account”, click on the option “Advanced” and in the section “Transfer discarded messages” must select the option to “Mailbox Trash”. Continue reading

Viber introduces voice messages in Windows Phone

The implementation of calls through the Internet more known in the world of smartphones is still looking for its niche within the current scene. Despite the usual delay for the Windows Phone platform, Viber still has its users in mind to bring improvements and new features. Thus, through a new update, the holders of a device Windows Phone 8 will have a new way to get his voice to contacts using this application.

Viber update increases the version number to the on the Windows Phone platform. Among its innovations stands out, above the rest, the new function of voice. New to this platform after eight months working on Android and iPhone. Its voice keeps direct messages and talk. Something that transforms this application and the terminal in a sort of Walkie-Talkie to share directly, but not in real time the voice.

viber voice messages in windows phone

In this way, and in a manner similar to that seen in push to talk WhatsApp messages, Viber Windows phone users now can send small recordings as if a message over it were through a chat. Something which is not so much consumption data as a call via the Internet and allows you to send voice directly in a comfortable and fast. And it is that voice seems to be gaining an important value in messaging tools. But it is not the only novelty of this new version. Continue reading

devolo Home Control, create your own smart home with simplicity

The German manufacturer devolo will launch in September a new smart home concept. devolo Home Control is a system that controls a set of components that are installed with ease at home and who help us in various aspects of our daily lives. For example, we will make ourselves with a regulator to control the heating in one or several of the rooms, detectors of smoke or even timers to switch on the machine of Brown ten minutes before getting up. This system can manage up to 200 devices at home and will have a mobile application to facilitate their access at any time. In addition to this system for the intelligent home, devolo will also launch a new range of adapters to transmit the network signal through the electrical network with very high speeds of up to 1200 Mbps.

devolo home control

devolo Home Control is a system to create the house of the future. The user appears for your home a series of intelligent devices that can then be controlled centrally managed thanks to devolo platform. Indeed, company will also deploy an app for mobile and tablet to make this start-up and control more intuitive and simple. The possibilities that open this platform are very numerous, since you can install up to 200 different devices in the home and take advantage of its advanced features. Continue reading

Google Now Launcher now available for all Android devices

The Google Now Launcher is now available for all mobile devices that have the Google Android operating system version 4.1 Jelly Bean and later, i.e. including Android KitKat. This tool is very useful since it allows users to set alerts with the upcoming appointments that are scheduled, as well as quickly display information about weather or in a specific city and real-time traffic conditions, as well as time out of any public transport. An application that you can configure to customize it to your own liking and that also allows searches by voice.

From now on, accessing the application from Google, Google Play Store, store you can download Google Now Launcher regardless of our version of the Android operating system which provides our device, either a Smartphone or a tablet.

google now launcher

Google Now Launcher arrived as a standalone application at the beginning of February this year. In its initial version, Google Now Launcher application was available for Nexus devices, as well as the range of devices Google Play Edition. Now is when we will be able to serve us all its benefits in any device that has an Android operating system. Continue reading