WhatsApp for Android launches fast shipping photos and videos

The company WhatsApp continues to intrigue your confirmed function calls via the Internet, but by no means neglects the presentation of other features news and useful for its users. Thus, and so far only on the platform Android, has released a brand new update for the fast shipping of photos and videos from a chat. A feature already tested in the beta or test and now reaches all users of this platform to streamline the process of sending these files.

This is an update that brings the version number of WhatsApp for Android to 2.11.301. A version without presenting a list of official changes, other news has spread among different functional and visual aspects of the application that is most widespread messaging worldwide. Among its innovations is the new icon on the taskbar including writing conversations. Thus, along with the microphone push to talk messages, there is now an icon in the form of camera that activates the terminal objective.

WhatsApp for Android

With this feature the user does not have to display the menu Share and select the camera or video, but it appears with a single touch screen. And it is not only that. From here you can take either a photograph as a video. The only difference is that for the static image you just have to make a touch trigger, may establish preferences and pre-flash camera. However, if the user makes a long press, begins recording one video. This recording can be canceled by sliding your finger off the button to avoid sending it directly. This is a view few months ago in the beta function, which is now available to all users of Android. But it is not the only novelty of WhatsApp in this update. Continue reading

Google is partner to develop smart contact lenses

The Swiss-based pharmaceutical Novartis announced that its division for the eye care, Alcon, has signed an agreement with Google [x] to develop technology smart contact lenses. The partnership provides both companies will collaborate and develop lenses with integrated sensors, microchips and electronic components very small. Thus, your goal will be treating eye diseases and provide the level of glucose in real time to the user through its smartphone.

Specifically, the key would be in the lens would be able to analyze the level of sugar through the tear user, which would be very beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes. Thus, one would get much more instant and accurate system than the current service, which involves analyzing the blood drops.

Google smart contact lenses

Additionally, these lenses would be capable of measuring the glucose level every second. All these details would store in a previously integrated chip in the lens and would be automatically synchronized with any device address. Could even send all the data collected throughout the day to the terminal for further analysis. Thus, an application could be responsible for alerting the user if the sugar level increases more than usual. Continue reading

WhatsApp test a new feature to archive conversations

Although WhatsApp confirmed to be active in the function calls for messaging application, gradually they discover new features that might be falling into this tool. And the application is to be used and extended over comes great responsibility for messages not lose its crown. That’s why it continues to experiment with new and useful features for its users. The last to appear is the ability to archive conversations or chats.

The discovery comes from the recent update that WhatsApp has released version on the beta of its applications for the platform Android. A version that can be freely accessed through its website, but functions as an experiment or field tests to probe what later will reach the entire user community, or not. It this new feature appears seeking user comfort lose sight of the power those conversations that interests not always have on hand, but you do not want to completely do without it.


And it continues to archive conversations formula known users Gmail email and many other similar services. So, to archive an email, or in this case an entire conversation, you lose sight of that content disappears from the inbox or the Chats screen. However all messages sent and received by that person or group of users, in case of a group conversation, to be present elsewhere in the application. Thus, the screen can be rearranged chat only conversations that really matter, that are current and want to keep it always available for quick access. Continue reading

BlackBerry says blackphone security is not enough for executives

Do you remember the blackphone? It is the device based on Android with PrivatOS interface that supposedly comes integrated with a series of unprecedented security solutions and allows users to rest assured about the protection of your files. However, BlackBerry has said that this terminal is suitable for protecting the average consumer but computer security is “quite unacceptable” for businessmen and executives.

The company based in Waterloo has said the approach blackphone, with the security system of the company Silent Circle, in terms of protection is mediocre compared to the service that uses BlackBerry. The smartphone maker insists that they need entrepreneurs in the “Post-Snowden era” is its BES10 platform.


At the same time, the U.S. Company said that it is unclear whether the blackphone supports to secure communications between users, which would be unacceptable to regulated organizations such as financial services and related companies as health. Continue reading

iPad mini, prices and tariffs with Orange

At the end of last October, the company Apple presented in society a new edition of its iPad mini, a tablet equipped with a renewed Retina display of 7.9 inches, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. But this launch was preceded by a device that is still topical: the iPad mini original. So much so that from this summer, customers of the operator Orange have the opportunity to get this tablet for 320 euros, in case you want to pay the amount in cash.

However, users who do not want to spend that kind of hit, may also pay in easy installments over 8 euros over 24 months without paying any down payment, provided that they employ any of the fees that Orange makes available customers to navigate.

iPad mini

Thus, may employ any of the following: Mobile Internet 4G 10 GB, Mobile Internet 4G 3 GB and Mobile Internet 4G 1 GB with the same amount of GB to navigate for prices which range between 42 and 11 euros per month. Customers should choose any of these three rates if they are given an intensive use of computer to surf, or if on the contrary, to be connected in a timely manner to navigate. Continue reading

Climatology, meteorological application of Microsoft

The company Microsoft was surprised after the publication of its own application of meteorological information for the platform Android. A most curious tool because of its visual looks and feels, and allows users worldwide to consult several features time anywhere. Moreover, a tool which is a mere experiment by the research team of Microsoft, so for now it may be incomplete or dysfunctional.

In Climatology regular user of the application of meteorological information can certainly feel lost. And it is very different to that seen to date tool. In fact an application still seems unfinished or pointing towards the experiment to be a fully functional, at least for the moment tool. And it has only three sections to choose the place on the map to see the date you want to know and, finally, the data about the chances of rain, temperature or sun.


Just install it and start it to see the main screen of Climatology divided into three major sections discussed. However, at first shows the location of the user, so it is necessary to click on this section and access the world map to move to that area you want to see. Here it is interesting to see places to be visited average data for the area. Yes, navigation is pretty goofy by not incorporating the pinch gesture, so it is necessary to double-click on an area to enlarge the map and wait for it to load to get around it. Continue reading